Because of
our interest in modern trends in architecture and due to our love of simple elegant forms – in the stylizations of the spaces we design – we try to stay close to the present time drawing from it and from all the 20th century more than a 100 years of diverse inspirations. 

With the greatest pleasure we like to create spaces of modern character – plenty of discreet, smooth and elegant ambiency inspired by the modernistic estethics, architecture and contemporary designs.

lancelot 1aLancelot 2a


However, in accordance to the needs and ideas, we could design the interiors in many different styles – from the voguish minimalism, the strict industrialism and fancy vintage, through the gentle clean-cut modern classics International Style and Art Deco to postmodern, eclectic stylizations inspired by ancient historic periods, classicist architecture and local or exotic traditions / esthetics – like the mediterranean, far east oriental, etc.


People are the best inspiration for creative designs. That is why we invite our clients to analyze, optimize and harmonize together with us, the uses to which the built environment will be put. We invite them to challenge their expectations taking part in the designing process.

A process that starts establishing project’s guidelines and schedules and helps also to refine client’s ideas and needs in confrontation with the possibilities the planned spaces bring.


Beside of our ability to express the designs in various different styles – having since 1991 a long-standing practical experience as designers – we put the maximum attention on the interiors functionality, on the most comfortable solutions, the individual preferences and particular habits of each and every of our clients, leaving the ‘visual spectacularity’ of the created spaces on a second place.
We always make sure to design something special, attractive and original, with a little touch of Art but without innecesary opulency and exaggeration.

”Traditionally Modern Interiors…”  




To see some of our designs, please go to the Portfolio page with the following sections / galleries (link in the Main Menu):

– Wnetrza Prywatne  — Residential Interiors
– Wnetrza Komercyjne — Commercial Spaces
– Inne projekty  — Other designs
– Klienci — Clients

We hope You will enjoy our works..!